We want to create for years, reduce the amount of textiles waste, approach production in a thoughtful manner. That is why we choose noble and extremely durable linen in a softened version.

Linen is famous for its pro-health properties: it is antiallergic, antifungal, hygroscopic – the skin rests in contact with linen. In both summer and winter, the linen fabric maintains the optimal temperature for the body. Moreover, it ages beautifully: with each washing and ironing, linen becomes softer and softer. What we love about linen is that it is biodegradable and waste-free, and its fibers do not contain heavy metals or other harmful admixtures. Its production fertilizes the soil and the only waste during flax processing is dust. We love everything about him, especially the way it wrinkles!

We sew from European flax. Our linen fabric is produced in Europe.

You can read more about flax care here: LINEN CARE.