ŁYKO is a brand striving to create durable and beautiful products. In our opinion beauty lies in simplicity and quality in the materials used. We choose noble linen fabric in a modern softened version. We want to create responsibly respecting our clients and the people we work with. We sew in Poland from European linen. In 2018 we have received the prestigious MUST HAVE award from Łódź Design Festival.


LINEN: The production of flax fertilizes the soil, no chemicals are used in this process and the only waste during flax processing is dust. It is 100% natural fabric, completely biodegradable. Linen is very durable – it can be used for much longer than cotton. We just simply love this fabric!

LESS WASTE: We try to act ethically and ecologically by: packing our products in non-colored, ecological cardboard boxes; using paper tape, avoiding plastic and unnecessary leaflets. We add coconut buttons to bedding duvet covers. On some of our products (bedding, textiles for the kitchen and dining room, PJ LIFE) the label is embroidered. We make sure that nothing is wasted and give to our fabric scraps a second life by sewing hats, scrunchies and pouches. Moreover our clothes have universal cuts – these are certainly not one season products.